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Welcome to Marriage-Vow-Renewal
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Marriage-Vow-Renewal Certificates

Marriage-Vow-Renewal Certificates

Thank you for visiting us today. The fact that you're here probably means you are at least giving thought to having a marriage vow renewal ceremony for you and your precious husband or wife, or a husband and wife you know is planning a renewal ceremony and you would like to find a really charming marriage vow renewal certificate for them.

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Marriage Vow Renewal Certificates

 4 mvr certificates

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Begin search of ALL 100+ certificates.

Maybe you are not looking for a marriage vow renewal certificate at all. But you ARE looking for marriage renewal vows, ceremony programs, or just truly want to know the proper etiquette for this type of ceremony and celebration.

Our heart is to minister to married couples who want to create a marriage renewal ceremony and celebration that is both properly planned and has a spirit of love and re-commitment.

You will find here some of the most creative, beautiful, and sweetly romantic marriage vow renewal certificates that have ever been designed. And, ALL our certificates are both fully customizable and personalized. You can have them emailed to you in pdf format to print yourself, or we'll gladly print them out on your choice of our classic white or cream 80-pound linen finish cardstock and ship them to you via your choice of shipping method.

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All Shipped Orders of 50th Anniversary/Marriage Vow Renewal/Marriage Covenant Renewal Certificates automatically come with TWO (2) Free Pocket-Size Matching Plastic Laminate Certificates!   

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 Plastic Laminates... Always a Romantic Choice!

plastic laminates

Don't forget to order one or two matching plastic laminates with your certificate.

 (This option is on the purchase page of EVERY certificate.) 

Marriage Purpose Statement Certificates

Many husbands and wives are now choosing to couple their wedding/vow renewal certificate
with a Marriage Purpose Statement as their reminder to themselves, their families and
their friends of the spiritual foundation of their marriage.
(Certificate background can be matched to your wedding/vow renewal certificate background.)

Creative Certificates

We receive a multitude of customized certificate styles, created exclusively by
our husbands and wives.  These exciting certificates were achieved by their purchases of the
'Couples Portrait' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate, after which they emailed
us these background pictures in .jpg format.

Exciting and Uniquely Theirs!

Silver (25th) Wedding Anniversary Celebration

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Legal Size Marriage Vow Renewal Certificates

legal size certificates

(Click above certificates to view our collection of 8-1/2" x 14" certificates.) 

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 Marriage Covenant Renewal Certificates

covenant renewal certificates

 (Click above certificates to view our collection of marriage covenant renewal certificates.)

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Pre-Marital Counseling Certificates

pre-marital counseling certificates

 (Click above certificates to view pre-marital counseling certificates.)

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 Marriage Certificates

3 marriage certificates 

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wedding bells

 Wedding/Vow Renewal Ceremony Programs

(Click above picture to view our complete line of wedding/vow renewal programs.)

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Anniversary Certificates

3 anniversary certificates

(Click above certificates to view our collection of anniversary certificates.)

This site is dedicated to presenting husbands and wives all the inspiration you will need to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind marriage vow renewal-, marriage-, or anniversary certificate.

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 This site is mix-n-match.  You may combine any background with any wording. 

How do I do that?

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Certificate Sleeves, Jackets & Folders

certificate holders

(Click above picture to view our collection of certificate sleeves, jackets & folders.)

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Something Brand New!

'Then & Now' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

Then and Now Certificate

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 Featured Product

'Couples Portrait' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

Couples Portrait MVR Cert

Want to capture both the memory of your marriage renewal ceremony and celebration, along with a visual memory of the two of you? Our 'Couples Portrait' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate allows you to combine your choice of background picture of you two as husband and wife (or even before you were married), while superimposing the documentation of your special marriage renewal day over it, to make one very dynamic presentation, which can be hung on a wall or placed in a table stand in your home for family and friends to see.

To read more about this certificate and purchase, click the certificate above.

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There is nothing more precious and romantic than for a married couple to choose to renew their vows before God, family and friends.  This is a very real way to express to all present that this marriage was begun on a promise to God and before witnesses, and those vows are as real and cherished as the day they were first uttered in promise for a lifetime commitment to one another.  A marriage vow renewal certificate is one lovely reminder to the couple and all others that see it, that this marriage is for a lifetime, as God intended it to be.  We are committed to offering an almost limitless supply of beautiful marriage vow renewal- and marriage vow covenant renewal certificates for bride and groom, husband and wife.  We offer traditional, Victorian, unique, floral, black and white, 50th, 25th, and every anniversary marriage vow renewal certificates.  Our wordings on those marriage vow renewal certificates can be traditional and time-honored, or they can be wording of your own choosing and design.  Your marriage vow renewal ceremony and your certificate should reflect exactly who you are.  Go ahead, design something very special and unique that will capture your marriage commitment of husband and wife, bride and groom.  One man, one woman, commited to a marriage of a lifetime.Don't forget about marriage renewals. A marriage covenant between husband and wife deserves a marriage covenant renewal certificate. A marriage covenant between bride and groom is a lifetime covenant between a man, a woman, and God.
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