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To Share My Heart Set One (eBook)
To Share My Heart Set One (eBook)
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To Share My Heart Set One (eBook)

Marriage relationships take careful planning and commitment to grow
and thrive. This plan will give a spouse just that opportunity. 

This ebook is filled with once-weekly romance prompts. Fill out in full
handwritten sentences, then place where your husband or wife will find. It will take
no time at all for your mate to come to look forward to the precious
thoughts of your love for him/her, and do so weekly.

Prompt Sample:

Above example of prompt reads:
"One of the things people would be most jealous about in our marriage and wish
they had in their marriage (if they knew), is...

(Each page prompt is personalized with your mate's first name or pet name.)


Prompt Examples:
* "
The one thing that touches my heart most when I watch you do it is…"
* "If I could hear you talk about me when I wasn’t around, these are the things I would like to hear you say…"
* "Something I need to ask you to forgive me about is…"


Possible Presentation Locations:
* Taped to bathroom mirror
* Setting in driver's seat in mate's car
* Lightly scroll-rolled and placed in mate's coffee cup to find in the morning
* Place on keyboard of mate's computer, with top closed (the element of surprise!)


Do this Plan Faithfully Once-Weekly for Six Months and Watch Your Marriage Grow!)


Each prompt personalized with recipient's first- or pet name!


eBook Contents: 6 Months of Once-Weekly Romance Message Prompts
Features Benefits
eBook with Prompts to Tell Your Mate Exactly Why You Love Him/Her so Dearly
One Prompt to a Decorated Stationery Page
Just Print Out Page, Answer in Full Sentences and Leave Somewhere for Your Spouse to Discover
Marriage-Building Romance for Husband and Wife!
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