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'Couple's Portrait' Marriage Covenant Renewal Certificate
Marriage Covenant Renewal Romance!
'Couple's Portrait' Marriage Covenant Renewal Certificate
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'Couple's Portrait' Marriage Covenant Renewal Certificate

What more fitting and romantic way to express this re-commitment than to record the marriage covenant renewal occasion over a picture of the two of you.

The marriage vows originally declared between one man and one woman are, in fact, a covenant among three... the man, the woman, and God.

Frame this charming certificate and hang from a home wall, or place on a table stand, to continually remind yourselves of this sweet memory.

Just order this certificate, then dig up the picture you want under your wording. (May take a few hours or days? That's fine. We'll wait for you to email us a picture of the two of you. Then, we will create your certificate that same day!)

Although the certificate above may have different wording and/or format, below is the wording of this certificate, unless otherwise specified by customer.

Certificate reads:

Covenant Affirmation

We Believe God created marriage to be holy, to exemplify the
glorious, eternal marriage between His Son Jesus Christ & His Church.

We Believe Our marriage is sacred & a lifelong covenant.

We Believe God calls us to pursue unconditional love for each other as modeled by His promise never to leave or forsake us.

Therefore, We, the undersigned, pledge to fulfill
our marriage vows and pursue oneness.
We further pledge to bring glory to God through our sacred
permanent marriage and by calling others
to fulfill their marriage vows.

In the presence of God & these witnesses,

_____ (name of bride) & _____ (name of groom)

In Honor of our ___ (anniversary #, ex. 13th, 23rd, 50th) Wedding Anniversary
We agree to joyfully receive each other as God’s perfect gift; to
have and to hold from this day forward;
For better or for worse; for richer and for poorer; in sickness and in
health; to love, honor, cherish & protect one another;
Forsaking all others as long as we both shall live, so help us God.

_____________________ _____________________
Husband’s Signature Wife’s Signature
Witnessed & Officiated By (or label of choice)

This ____ (day of month, ex. 2nd, 15th, 23rd) Day of ____ (month), in the year ____ (year)
At (name of celebration location), _____ (city), _____ (state)



Your Choice of Cardstock Color (if having shipped):

White, Cream

Your Choice of Presentation/Shipping Method:
Personalized & emailed to you (pdf format) [This is our default presentation method, if not otherwise specified below by customer.]
USPS Ground (4-6 business days) No tracking available
USPS Priority (2-3 business days) Tracking included
USPS Express (1-2 days guaranteed) Tracking included

When ordering this certificate, please thoroughly fill out the ORDER INFORMATION block below.


Add one or two Customized Pocket-Size Plastic Laminates of Your Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate! Have your certificate with you all the time as a reminder of this special day and your marriage commitment! (Make this selection in ORDER INFORMATION block below.)



'Etiquette for Vow Renewals'

This 15-page ebook will answer your questions about etiquette when planning a vow renewal ceremony and reception. A must-have to turn your renewal ceremony ideas into a sweet and perfect memory!

(Add this item in the ORDER INFORMATION block below.)



'10 Vows for Renewal Ceremonies'

This ebook is exactly what its title suggests...10 vows to choose from for your marriage renewal ceremony.



Renewal Ceremony Programs

Using the background from this certificate, we will customize ceremony programs according to your desires, emailing the program to you, so that you may run off as many copies as you like and give them to the attending guests at your ceremony.

(Add this item in the ORDER INFORMATION block below.)


Same-day shipping if ordered before 3pm, Eastern Time.
Discreetly packaged for your privacy.
Ships USPS or UPS.
PDF-formatted certificates emailed worldwide.
PDF-formatted certificates usually completed and emailed within 20 minutes to one hour.
Document Size: 8-1/2" x 11"
Features Benefits
8-1/2" x 11" Marriage Covenant Renewal Certificate
Fully Personalized
Fully Customizable
Optional Pocket-Size Plastic Laminate Version of Your Certificate
A Beautifully Captured Marriage Covenant Renewal Memory for Husband and Wife!
Optional Etiquette for Renewal Ceremonies Ebook
Optional Ebook with 10 Renewal Ceremony Vows
Optional Matching Background Ceremony Programs
Customized Visual Memory of Your Special Re-Commitment Day!
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