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'Butterflies, Xcolatl, & Streoberie, Oh My!' Valentine's Day Romance Plan
'Butterflies, Xcolatl, & Streoberie, Oh My!' Valentine's Day Romance Plan
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'Butterflies, Oxcolatl, & Streoberie, Oh My!' Valentine's Day Romance Plan

The title of this Valentine's Day romance plan is a little scary, don't you think?!
Well... the title may be strange, but romance plan itself is just scrumptious!
First, start out with two (2) excitment builder certificates to build the suspense
in your spouse. Then, present the plan itself, which will no doubt
dazzle your mate! Delicious Valentine's Day romance!


Two Excitement Builder Certificates

Wording on Certificates:

Valentine's Day Riddle
What do all the following have in common?
Butterflies, Fish, Xcolatl, Kissing Techniques,
A Planetary Delicacy, and Streoberie?
Give up?
They are all part of what I have planned for our Valentine's celebration!
Hope you're looking forward to this as much as I am (or chlosing phrase of choice), __________ (first name or pet name of giver)

Valentine's Day Promise
What do all the follwing have in common?
Butterflies, Fishies, Xcolatl, & Streoberie?
Give up?
Does it matter, as long as they are all part of the most sensual, sexy, and
sensational Valentine's celebration you & I will ever have?!
From your waiting, anticipating marriage covenant lover (or closing of choice), __________ (first name or pet name of giver)


ONE of the Sheets of Kiss Descriptions (Crucial to the Romance Plan):


This Valentine's Day Romance Plan Will Create a Romantic Memory Forever!
You're Not Going to Forget This One!



Features Benefits
A Valentine's Day Romance Plan that is MORE than Anything You Can Imagine!
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