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'Passionately Purple Victorian Floral' Legal Size Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate
Marriage Renewal Romance!
'Passionately Purple Victorian Floral' Legal Size Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate
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'Passionately Purple Victorian Floral' Legal Size Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

Now marriage vow renewal certificates have taken on a whole new dimension, as 3 extra inches have been added to the length of this magnificent Victorian certificate. And YOU choose what to add to the extra three (3) inches: Guest Signature Spaces or Vow Exchange wording.

Document Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 14" (legal size)

(The clicking of the picture will enlarge the view of the wording and layout in this certificate, but in no way shows the crisp graphics and stunning fonts. It will only give you an approximation of its appearance.)

The wording is traditional and allows the couple to add both the original wedding date, and how many years of marriage this certificate records.

Although the certificate above right may have different wording layout, below is the wording and layout used, unless modified by customer.

Certificate reads:

Before God and Witnesses (or opening phrase of choice)

______________(Name of Bride)

_____________(Name of Groom)
Are Granted This (or phrase of choice)
Anniversary Certificate
Marriage Vow Renewal
Honoring Their Marriage Commitment
_________(Original Wedding Date/Year) - __________(Renewal Date or Anniversary Date)

May the Joy of This Day Follow Us
Until Time is No More


Guest Signature Lines


Vow Exchange Wording


____________________ & ____________________
Signatures of Husband and Wife

Signature of Presiding Officiant (or signature label of choice)


Your Choice of Presentation/Shipping Method:

Personalized & emailed to you (pdf format)
USPS Ground (4-6 business days) No tracking available
USPS Priority (2-3 business days) Tracking included
USPS Express (1-2 days guaranteed) Tracking included
Word Document Template (Unlimited Runoff Rights)
(If this presentation method is chosen, you will be emailed the Word Document template,
which you will own and may use repeatedly and permanently.)

When ordering this certificate, please thoroughly fill out the ORDER INFORMATION block below.

Your Choice of Cardstock Color (if having shipped):
White, Cream


Add one or two Customized Pocket-Size Plastic Laminates of Your Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate! Have your certificate with you all the time as a reminder of this special day and your marriage commitment!
(Make this selection in ORDER INFORMATION block below.)



'Etiquette for Vow Renewals'

This 15-page ebook will answer your questions about etiquette when planning a vow renewal ceremony and reception. A must-have to turn your renewal ceremony ideas into a sweet and perfect memory!

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'10 Vows for Renewal Ceremonies'

This ebook is exactly what its title suggests...10 vows to choose from for your marriage renewal ceremony.

(Add this item in ORDER INFORMATION block below.)



Renewal Ceremony Programs

Using the background from this certificate, we will customize ceremony programs according to your desires, emailing the program to you, so that you may run off as many copies as you like and give them to the attending guests at your ceremony.

(Add this item in the ORDER INFORMATION block below.)


Same-day shipping on orders placed before 3 pm, Eastern Time.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to 'Contact Us'.
It is our joy to personally work with our customers!
Printed Document: 8-1/2" x 14"
Features Benefits
8-1/2" x 14" Legal Sized Certificate
Suitable for Framing
Luxurious Purple/Lavender Victorian Floral
Extra 3" Length; Perfect for Adding Actual Vows or Guest Signatures
Three Shipping Methods Available
Four Elegant Fonts Used in Design
Wording Customization Available
Matching Pocket Sized Plastic Laminate Certificate Available
Use Extra 3" in Length to Put in Your Own Actual Vows
Use Extra 3" in Length to Give Guests Opportunity to Sign
Lowest Signature Line May be Labelled with Your Own Designated Signee
Romantic Memory of a Memorable Re-Commitment Day!
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